My cast iron tea pot represents new beginnings, beauty and love. The future is now, things I have only thought about when I was younger, have happened. It’s almost weird thinking about it, and I am ecstatic. I feel glad to be in this life and have all the things that I have. I definitely … More Onward!


Have you ever had a dream where you couldn’t tell if it was really a dream or not? Those are the most complex ones. They feel like real life, meaning… something that happened in that dream could have happened the same way in real life. Something good or even bad. Whenever I experience these, they … More Confusion


Okay, here we go again with New Year goals and such… Well I didn’t really make any because I never really accomplish them, so here’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been trying to take care of my health, slowly. I’m doing yoga in the mornings, brushing my teeth, eating all that fun stuff. The one … More 2017