The end of the year is upon us and I am feeling as lazy as ever, but I don’t have an option to be lazy so I put off all my hobbies because I’m tired and I’m working most of the time. I’ll have some down time before Christmas, so that is nice but I have some goals once again. I’ll come up with one goal everyday for the new year and I will write about it here, good idea, right? Easy enough for my winter blues.

I’ve been in a mental state of fatigue for the past month or so, maybe the holidays in retail have really run me dry or it’s just the holidays in general that make me weary. Either way, once the new year hits, I’m somehow going to find all the energy and motivation that I’ll be lacking and my tired days will be gone!!! No, I’ll just force myself to get out of bed and do the yoga that I know will make my mind come back to life and I will wake up in the poses, feeling refreshed and brightened and most importantly happy to be alive in my body. That’s what I love about yoga, it makes me love my body more! So here’s my idea for the new year. I have yet to really commit to a full yoga practice for a full thirty days, I always gave up halfway though and hit snooze, but lately I’ve been waking up earlier than normal and doing some mini yoga challenges. This month of December I am going to work on getting a daily routine down and hopefully by the new year I can do an hour of yoga each day. I know I can do it, I have to put my mind to it!

I’m excited for what the future holds and I look forward to challenging myself to keep a positive atmosphere! I’m getting tired, I got to wake up kind of early? Maybe I’ll it snooze.

One response to “December”

  1. Hi Paige-well you are now 3 months past your 5th Anniversary date and it shows in your writing skills. You have become much more articulate yet your common goals have remained in tact which is a credit to you and your determination has never relented.

    I have no doubt you will one day achieve your dreams but always remember to be able to achieve happiness and retain the feeling of fulfillment of your dreams. To accomplish this is the ultimate goal of life itself and there is nothing quite like the feeling of looking at your day to day life and realize your determination and heartaches have finally paid the dividends you so dearly wished for and to achieve those lofty goals is nothing short of amazing for those who have always Loved you only wanting to see you be happy with your Love and zest for life. You are well on your way though you still have major decisions to make as you walk down lifes road to achieving your dreams molding them into reality. To be able to achieve your goals and dreams is something few of us are able to attain in our own lifetime.

    We wish only the best for you as you continue in your quest of fulfilling your innermost dreams and desires out of life

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