I’m rewriting today. I am going through an old story and rewriting every word, exactly how I wrote it a few years ago. Only now I’ve gotten a different idea in how to portray this and I’ve changed one character. Not the main one, but their father. I changed him and he has changed the character completely. It used to be sort of like a fairytale but now it has turned a little darker. It’s not horrible though. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am trying to write again and so far it going good. I feel motivated but still distracted. It’s getting late. I finally got a doctors appointment today and got up to speed with everything, hooray! I also did some yoga, that was pleasant. I even worked up a bit of a sweat. I am watching a video level one flexibility with Sarah Beth, I love her, she is a huge inspiration. I am going to do the flexibility video everyday until I am satisfied and feeling ready for the next one.

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