Last night I was at my friends house and hanging out with her until 1:30 AM. It helped me remember that time flies when your having fun. That’s what I did last night, I had an awesome time just hanging out. It was wonderful. This person is just wonderful in general. There wasn’t a single boring moment. I wanted to stay over there all night. We were upstairs talking while her boyfriend and friends play with music really really loud in the basement. It was awesome. I loved it, I was completely okay with it wherever we were in the house. It was, in fact, my type of music. We shared stories and talked about pretty much anything, it was all over the place. I, once again, loved it. No judgement, awesome knowledge and some  wisdom for me. I shared my story characters and plot ideas. It got even better when we drank tea. I feel like that was a highlight of the night, since right before that, we drove to hyvee and got chips n dip.
Oh! I almost forgot to mention that any situation that includes pets and, more importantly: cute, fat, sassy cats, becomes an instant winner. She has a cat and three dogs in her house. Love it. Her roomates were cool, I was in a happy place. Positive vibes all around. I loved it.
It was a really good night and I needed that I’m my life right now. I need to keep looking up.
I’m another Positive note, I’m still working out. Just two days now, but I’m actually doing it. Yesterday I cut out a lot of sugar. I drank a total of five 16 oz cups. Four at work, three of them were iced.
-Silver Needle, Purify, Dragonfruit Devotion
-Gyoukuro Imperial
-Golden Dragon, Peachberry Jasmine Sutra
The other, hot.
-Darjeeling de Triomphe
-Winterberry (Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long & Strawberry Lemonade)
The only tea that was sweetend was the last one. It is one of my favorites and I wanted a tiny treat and It was perfect. I raved about it to my friend. I ate decently, nothing super sweet or greasy. Subway, chips n dip. Ham and cheese. I was pretty satisfied with that.

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