I knew a friend. He was a very good person. He was kind, outgoing, and the guy to cheer you up. He was my friend, even though I only hung out with him when my friends let me tag along, but hey. He was my friend. I thank you, for being my friend, even though we didn’t talk on a regular basis, you were my friend. You would come up to me, and make conversation. Acknowledge my existence. You made me your friend. You’d sometimes go out of your way to say “what’s up,” “how are you Paige?” You would even give me a friendly hug, because that is what friends do. I’ve learned this.

Friends will hug other friends.

I’ve learned that my friend loved all people. I learned that my friend was loved by all the people he loved. I learned that today at his funeral. I learned that you should love everyone person. Don’t hate, love them. Ask them if they are okay even if you don’t like them as a friend or a friend of a friend. Love them as a human being and treat them like a human being. My friend’s death taught me that I should love as much as I can. It was a sad day. We lost a great person, and all I can really say to him, “Thank you.”

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