My challenges this new year is to form habits. I’m challenging myself to do Yoga everyday. I bought a Yoga book on anatomy so i can put together sequences to really target what I want to do myself. Today is Day two of Yoga. (by the way, I am now deciding to document my experience.)

I didn’t write about Day One because it really wasn’t a day one. I put up my free yoga poster and decided to try it out. I didn’t even commit to the whole thing, so today, I tried something easier but something can be difficult. I did 3 sun salutations. The first two, did more as a flow to get myself warmed up and to feel doing yoga again. It felt amazing, to be honest. My body felt vitalized and my muscles felt more relaxed. The third time I did the sequence, I held every post for at least 5 deep breaths. I tried to hold the challenging poses longer, like the plank and chaturanga. I also tried to focus on stretching and gaining more flexibility. I definitely want to work this practice into the morning times. I just like to sleep.

Another challenge I am doing is Writing from the senses. It’s a book that I am reading and writing from. I may or may not post something on the prompts I get. I’ve only gotten two prompts done and I started yesterday. Jimmy and I took turns reading aloud and then I had an awesome flashback i needed to get down. My goal has been 300 words for each from minimum.

Besides challenges, everything else is okay. I am ahead on payments so far, and I am looking forward in February to hear back about a certain position at work and that will further make me choice in the future. I’m excited and looking forward to it.

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