Here I Am

Here I am, sitting in my computer chair feeling pretty. I feel gorgeous and comfortable, like I just popped out of a picture from Tumblr. You know those photos… The one where the scene is just too perfect and you feel like saying “That would be the life to live,” or “Goals…” Yes. I feel like that right now.

I just got off work; drove home jamming to my favorite playlists; chatting to a new friend; kicking off the jeans: coat, , socks, shoes, and last but not least, the one thing women love to do most at the end of the day….toss off the bra! I am cozy in my ‘jammy’s.’ A few minutes later, my boyfriend shows up and he follows in my footsteps to achieve ultimate relaxation. He is pretty sick and I’m doing my best to keep him cozy and stress free, so I offer him a shower and a cup of tea and he is on his way. Earlier we went to the store and I had him pick out his cough-drops, medicine, soups, and anything else he wanted. He just wanted to go home. I need to take care of my baby.

Right now is a Tumblr scene. Me, a pretty girl with long-ish wavy brown locks and fair skin in a comfy no-bra, no-pants zone with a steamy cup of tea.

I love it, but now I must enjoy my time with my boyfriend.

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