A Letter to the 15 Year Old Me

You are still young and you have many years ahead of you but I don’t want you to think that he could be your last stop, that this could be the end of your ‘love/like’ feeling. My suggestion to you is to keep your mind open, fall madly in love but its okay to be hurt, fix yourself up and learn from any mistakes, be yourself and don’t change yourself for anyone, Its okay to be alone as well. Find someone who will tell you what he wants and be real with you. My first boyfriend was an amazing person and I only really remember so many good things about him and some bad things but we both had a lot going on for us, we split and it was terrifying and horrible, but I was able to move forward I met another who did break my heart again but not like the first. I felt devastated and alone, like I had nothing anymore and that was it. However, if you hold on for a bit longer you will meet someone amazing just like when I met him… He is real, he is transparent(sometimes), but he listens and he helps me want to better myself. He is amazing and we don’t have everything in common, in fact we are almost complete opposites but we love each other for the passion that each of us have in the things we love and do. Let me tell you, I love that about him. His passion for his favorite things makes me love him. He makes me relaxed. He is so smart about everything and I love hearing him talk. So take your time, go one day at a time and dont fret on the future. You will find someone who is smart, who wants to tell you so many things more than just how beautiful you are. You will find someone who wants to listen to you talk, who can have a conversation about more than just life itself. He will talk about the world and the starts and the sky and his amazing stories that you will get jealous of, but he wants to do it with you too. Trust me. Don’t worry, I know you probably already know these things because you are smart, and you are pretty mature for your age and you deserve better than the people who lead you on. You know what you want and It’s okay to take your time in things. The right guy will want to take his time with you too. Live life for now and find what makes you passionate because you can find someone who loves the look in your eyes when you talk about it, and when that guy comes along.. He is the one and you will have a feeling he is.

Time will heal wounds but it is up to you to accept yourself and love yourself. Take time in everything, go all in and all out, fall down and get up because that isn’t the end of the world. Many people will come and go in your life but everything will be just find because you will find yourself and you will survive so many things. You will have the music that makes you get lost in the world, you will find the books that teleport you to another life, you will find the movies that make you want to strive for living, you will discover so many amazing qualities that you never thought you had. You will experience a lot of good and bad things but that will not be the end of it because your life is always just beginning, every day. Start it with a smile and positive mind because you should know that you can do anything that you really want to. You just have to do it.

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