Journals and Notebooks

As a non-frequent writer, I am obsessed with notebooks and journals of the sort. They are intriguing and beautiful to me. I love that the pages aren’t used and the bind isn’t broken. I like the idea of a fresh notebook, but that idea is also very daunting. Personally, I think I have to write in that notebook correctly. If I mess up, the notebook becomes useless. I haven’t finished a complete notebook. I doodle pages so I can finish it easier or I rip them out. I probably shouldn’t do that. I want my notebooks to be awesome, but they aren’t.

I would like to say that I finished a notebook! I still tore some pages out and doodled on a few to fill it up faster, but hey, it is finished. I almost succeed in writing everyday, but they days I didn’t write in it, I made up for by doodling, or reviewing that day. Day one was Monday, December 29th of 2014, and the last entry was Sunday, February 15th of 2015.

I’m proud of myself, for the most part. I plan on going back through it and reading and writing it online, then maybe throwing it out of turning the pages into origami. I think that would be cool and a neat way to recycle.

This is a short post, because I don’t have much to say, I will update more later. I moved and stuff, so I gotta talk about that later too.

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