I am proud to announce that I have actually been writing everyday since, Monday the 29th of December. My note book is halfway full because I find my self writing a page or more about my day. I also find my self doodling and exploring the length of my ruler and the ideas that come through to the paper. I had goals to write everyday and to work out a lot, and I am at least making one of them happen. I haven’t been to the gym much, but when I go, I work my butt off.

What has been going on with me since December 29th? I’ll give a summary of each day. I think I will do this if I don’t post as much as I have before since I get distracted by the wonders of the internet. Without further ado, lets start on the cover of my notebook.

When I open my notebook, I see my three 2015 goals which are bolded on my post about my resolutions and stuff, here.

12.29.2014: I hung out with my boyfriend a little bit, but sent him home because he was getting sick, I got a gym membership with my dads girlfriend and we worked out later that day.

12.30.2014: Went to work at 8:30 AM only to discover that I worked at 4 PM so I made a rash decision on my gas and bank account to drive up to Cedar Rapids which is about two hours away, and go see a friend. Came back home and worked and work when I actually got off work. It was a fun drive, Jimmy is still sick.

12.31.2014: I was hoping for a New Years kiss. I dreamed about my boyfriend. He is still sick, I didn’t get a New Years kiss and I was actually upset.

1.1.2015: I was upset about my boyfriend, I went and saw The Gambler in theaters out in West Des Moines and gave a late x-mas present to a good friend of mine. He liked it. Jimmy still hasn’t talked to me, but I figured I shouldn’t brood over not hearing from him. The movie was decent. Was told by my dad that I am antisocial. I was going to read a book, but decided to read manga. Later on, I revised on the idea of a New Years kiss and became happy just to be with Jimmy and I hope he is okay. Wrote a note to him.

1.2.2015: Youtube on laptop, in bed relaxing. Work was busy. Jimmy texted me, and my mood skyrocketed. Bought stuff for myself, and kitty cat. Worked out. Asked Jimmy to pick a number over text, I numbered my books, and he picked #2 and that was the book Stephen King, On Writing. I wrote a poem.

1.3.2015: Worked, made paracord bracelets. Reading manga, surprise visit from Jimmy. Super happy again. Gave him updates since he was sick, shared my feelings.

1.4.2015: Worked. Talked with customers about my dreams. Handed out blog name. Jimmy came over and woke me up when I fell asleep.

1.5.2015: No water, donate, back home. Shoveled at Jimmy’s, dinner, fireplace, romantic house date. It was absolutely amazing.

1.6.2015: Work. Wal-mart. Car accident.

1.7.2015: Couldn’t work, no ride. I was pretty upset. Hoping boyfriend could give me a ride. He was busy. Doodled. Drank too much tea, got sick.

1.8.2015: Talked a lot at break at work. Donated. Doodled while donating is hard.

1.9.2015: Went to work, when I didn’t have to. Dropped bag off. Payed bills. Stopped at Palmer’s. Doodled a complete page.

1.10.2015: Mistaken my schedule again, 8:30 AM instead of 2 PM. I hate when that happens. Arguments at home. Couldn’t find headphones. Wrote about future travels.

1.11.2015: Tried to throw my sim a birthday party, but the game kept crashing. It doesn’t want me to have fun.

1.12.2015: Emotions. Doodle to take the feelings out.

1.13.2015: Doodled. Wrote about Jimmy.

1.14.2015: No ride to work. Upset about everything. Late evening, spent with Jimmy.

1.15.2015: Practice crappy cursive. Worked, and enjoyed myself. Apologized for being unable to attend work. I absolutely hate it. (if I lived closer/if it was warmer, I would ride my bike.) Plan to work out later with a friend. Practiced Japanese.

1.16.2015: More cursive, livestreams. Meeting, breakdown at home, got extra shirt from work.

1.17.2015: Makeup, bad night won’t prevent a good day. My first half-price sale. It was fun. Work about Jimmy’s likes. He surprised me around midnight.

1.18.2015: The day isn’t over yet, I wrote a textbroker artice, and I plan on doing some stuff today. But cramps suck.

There you have it. My journal so far. My goal is to write everyday this year, and I will make it happen. I want to fill up some notebooks that I don’t use, and why not write everyday.

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