No Sense

Hello readers, it feels like it has been a while since I have actually written anything. My new years goals/resolutions are going alright so far. I’ve been keeping up with my journal but I have been lacking in the saving department. I’m trying, my boyfriend kinda knocked some sense into my brain, if I really want it, then I can do it. I really want it, so I can do it. I just need to actually crack down and tell myself no. I’m going to be selling some of my stuff, some of the precious books that are all in good condition because I haven’t touched them. I just want to keep a list of them all.

I have all my pictures and memories on my wall, so I am going to get a scrapbook going for them all, so I can get my room more organized, I guess.

My gym workouts are great, I love it, I love working out and feeling fit and relaxed and better.

So, something happened today, I was on my way home and I got into a car accident. I am alright but I can’t drive my car for a while. I’m pretty upset. I was really scared and afraid because it could have been much worse and that’s what scares me, and a big thing that makes no sense is now I feel like my freedom has been sucked out of me. I can’t drive as freely as I used to, I spent money that I could have saves on gas. I’m shocked about it and it sucks.

On the other had, I had the most amazing day with my boyfriend yesterday. I will get into the fantastic details later because I want to work out.

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