Hey, guess what!? It’s that time of year again where I, and pretty much the rest of the world, will re-evaluate the past 12 months and attempt to set ourselves up with some half-assed resolutions for the new year of 2015! Of course, in this process, I will definitely fail to accomplish such ‘goals’ that I create. But, hey, we accomplish some of them, right?

Lets take a look back to my previous years on this blog and see if I have accomplished anything at all from those posts that were set up for the oncoming New Year. I am going to link to my previous posts and compare the older resolutions to what I actually did accomplish this year, and then I will set proper ones for 2015.

(If no one still understands those words, I am going to treat my past resolutions for the different years as my resolutions for 2014 and see if I accomplished them, then I am going to create ones for 2015.)

Alright, lets start off with the year 2011! I wrote a couple posts that had some goals jotted down, but my post titled ‘Looking forward to J.1.2012’ is what I am checking out for sure. I wrote about my depression and how I wanted to change, I told myself that I would take the lead to do things that I want, to focus on my hobbies more, to stop being a little bitch (in short). I told myself that I would change for the person that I loved back then, and that was something I shouldn’t have done.

I am obviously not with that person any longer. I still love him because I always will(but not in that way, I love him for how he changed my views), but I made the mistake to try to change for him and do things that would suit him more.
I have learned that you have to change for yourself, to make things better.
My significant other and I back then might not have been at the correct self-confident phase for us to connect completely and last longer that it did. Out paths diverged when we got older and that’s okay. It sucks but it is okay.
When paths diverge, you can either try to follow someone else path or you can follow your own and make things work with the other. Decide what the other person wants and see if anything can be compromised if the two actually want to be together. Make sense? It does in my head. Anyway, I am putting myself in a relationship and trying not to let the other person ‘read my thoughts’ as I used to do. That is not how it works in any given situation. I share my thoughts, maybe a little too much, but it gets across and that’s how communication works.
In 2014, I did take the lead in a lot of things; I bought my own plane tickets and traveled on my own, I took a step forward to do things that make me happy, I switched jobs and I am doing more things on my own, and it is quite worth it.
I wish I could have achieved this confidence that I have now, to do things like this back in 2012, but things would be different now, and I don’t know if they would have been good or bad.
I did focus on more hobbies. I started doing more in photography, and writing and drawing. My photography more than anything.
I am still kind of a little bitch in ways, but I am growing out of that slowly.

To sum this first part, I should focus on myself and try to find my center and accomplish what I want, and do whatever I need to make my life enjoyable. That is resolution number one.

Apparently at the end of the year of 2012, I did not write any resolutions, nor in the beginning of 2013, but hey, I did read a couple of my posts and I did attempt to keep up with yoga practice, which did end. I had issue with family back then, a lot. I did write in November, some long term goals about traveling before I am 30, which is still a goal, but not really a resolution. I also had a goal to keep my blog up, which I did and still am doing. I never thought I would come this far with it either. I pretty much did all the things (minus Yoga) this year.

I guess my second resolution would be to keep my self on track with self exploration and motivation to do things that will improve my physical and mental health. That would include to get more into shape and do more things like reading and walking and getting out of my hermit hole that is winter.

In 2013, I had quite a few posts that had goals all up in them. One that is literally all about resolutions gave me a list of things that I wanted to post to my wall. It was all about money, being happy, work harder, and pretty much all the general things that come with a resolution. Here is the actual list:

  • Save Money for my ultimate goal (couldn’t save money worth crap, I like spending it all.)
  • Be happy with the choices I make (I guess I was, but you can’t be happy with every choice. I was satisfied with most choices, but there are a few that I regret.)
  • Do the things that I love more often (I tried but then I get lazy, but when I do things when I am lazy, I guess i love them. I did accomplish things that are associated with my hobbies.)
  • Read many books, my goal is two a month and if I can more. (totally failed)
  • Exercise and become more healthy (I am the same weight and health I am assuming. I lost weight since I switched jobs, I stopped working at a food place and so I stopped eating a lot.)
  • Get to know myself more in depth, as well as my friends (I did accomplish this and I am still accomplishing this.)
  • Practice the six Livelihood Guidelines (Nope, not at all. I actually completely forgot about these.)
  • Keep my area straightened (not really ever. I should practice this more. It’s quite hard to keep my room clean.)
  • Work harder (I tried, but it is hard when I am really lazy.)

Overall, I didn’t really accomplish anything that I wanted for 2014 that I set myself up for. I should try them all again. My third resolution should be to work harder on prioritizing important tasks versus unimportant tasks in daily life and personal gains. 

So, I have come to the conclusion that I should make shorter goals for things that can be accomplished, for example, I want to set away at least 30 minutes a day to read, and 15 to 20 minutes a day to exercise. That should be easy enough, I just need to write down my progress so I can keep track and make sure I do it. I will allow myself 1 day off of reading and working out. I will mark a goal to be at work on time, I will set a reminder to take money out each paycheck to put into savings. I have small goals that I want to make happen. I want to become better this coming up year, and I have the motivation right this second, but I need to make sure to keep it throughout the year. It is going to be difficult but I believe I can do it. One day at a time, right?

Recap on the resolutions for this New Year of 2015,

1. Focus on myself and making myself happy.
2. Keep myself focused with self exploration and motivation to improve myself.
3. Get my priorities straight.
4. Set smaller goals that are easier to accomplish.
5. Remember that it will get better.

I look forward to the new year with bright eyes full of innovation and inspiration. I am looking forward to spending the new year with wonderful people and creating many memories that will follow me through out my life. Thank you for everyone who supports me and reads anything that I write, I appreciate each of you and I hope you have a wonderful day or night, and I hope you can accomplish whatever you wish to do. Have a wonderful rest of the year and look forward to the start of a new one. Always remember that you can begin again any day. (its just easier to start at a starting point)

Thank you.

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