5 AM, It’s Him

5 o’clock in the morning and I’m awake for an unknown reason. I stretch and feel warmth next to me, and I glance over. It’s him, the person I’ve been wanting to wake up next to for months. He is actually here and it feels like a dream. His sleeping face looks so peaceful and relaxing, it makes me want to go back to sleep and enjoy it with him, but if I do that… The next time I wake up, he will be gone. I turn over and relax against the best and I rest my hand on his bare back. I feel his breathing and his steady heartbeat. He is here, he is actually here, next to me. It isn’t a dream, this is what touching him is telling me. It isn’t a dream, he is next to me. Before I know it, I drift into a deeper sleep than before, and I dream of the past and everything that hurt me, but then I dream of him. I feel happy and it feels wonderful to dream something so nice, I woke up a while later and it seemed like I went to sleep a second ago, but its been hours. I turn over and he isn’t there. I panic a little and think that it is a real dream, that nothing was real but I get a text message and I look at it. His name pops up on my screen and I feel satisfied and happy again.

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