Good Morning

What a fantastic start to my weekend! After becoming pretty much broke due to paying my bills, I am still enjoying myself. I had dinner with some work friends at Applebee’s and that was entertaining and then I talked with one further and got to know him more, and as all my avid readers know, I love getting to know people. After that, I got home and watched all the stuff I needed to, I got my presents for some friends done and I spent the money that I need to. I slept great, in a comfortable sweater that I bought. It was fantastic, I woke up great too, and my hair wasn’t a complete mess like normal.

I don’t have anything really planned for today except working later tonight and sleeping. I have no money so I have to use my gas sparingly. I want to try not to use it all up and have to borrow money. I’d hate to do that. I want to rely on my self. I hope to have a semi-laid back weekend happening.

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