Hey! It’s been a while, or a short amount of time. I’m not that sure. I just recently made a YouTube channel and I am going to attempt uploading videos on the regular, I don’t know of what, I just want to Vlog at the moment.

I recently ordered a subscription to Loot Crate go check that website out if you are interested in Gaming and Geek gear! Also, Think Geek is a pretty awesome place to get stuff too. Any who, I filmed an un-boxing video of this months theme Fear. You can check it out here: (click me!)

I am pretty proud of it, of course it could do much better, I will probably get better at is as I persist in doing it. My friend asks if I want to be YouTube famous, and I am not sure. I just want to make friends. I mean, make more friends.

Work has been fun, this Friday there is a dance at Vision Night Club that I can get into, so I plan on going there. Also, my work is dressing up and since I don’t work that Friday, I am going to go in dressed up I think, I want to get my books, and some jewelry.

I really want a desk up in my room, I am sick of using tiny tables. I want everything to be finished with this remodeling thing, I am getting sick of this unfinished stuff and my snake has snake mites and it will probably be inevitable for him to get it again since i can’t thoroughly clean the environment around and outside of his cage. There are cracks in my floor and window and walls and mite can be hiding anywhere that I can’t get too. Even bug bombs might not work. I have a lot to do for my snake because I don’t want him to suffer.

I work around 1 PM today, and I am pretty excited to get my mind off things. I might hang out with my friend Holiday today as well, but I am not sure.

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