Holiday, Prompt #4

Best Halloween costume you’ve ever been in. Go through the entire process of creating it and the reactions of your peers.

Well, the best costume that I’ve been in was a Pocahontas costume my dad made for a school project, that isn’t Halloween though. The best Halloween costume that I’ve been in was a witch costume that we bought from the store. It was probably one of my favorites. I had a wig and everything and I went trick or treating with some neighbors. It was back when I lived near the hospital and had a lot of fun outside, middle school days. The reactions I don’t remember because it was a dull past, but I remember there being a giant candy bowl at our house and that I walked along the sidewalk and it was very cold. That’s what I do remember.

One response to “Holiday, Prompt #4”

  1. I have no idea what any of my costumes were for Halloween. I find that amazing as I have a great recall of most of my childhood, but not that. I cannot forget however the big full bulging pillowcases full of tasty candy :)

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