Holiday, Prompt #3

In a burst of charity, you are planning to be the best Halloween house in the neighborhood by giving away the best candy. Go through the day of preparation and detail your holiday evening. How have the children reacted? Have you sample one too many of the goodies, perhaps?

I would try to get all sorts of candy and separate some into different groups.

1 group of skittles(sour, flavored, regular). 1 group of peanut and peanut butter(recess, peanut butter M&Ms, snickers, etc). 1 group of chocolate(milk, dark, white, kisses or bars, etc). 1 group of nuts like walnuts and other minority. 1 group of misc like milky way or whatchamacallits. 1 group of goodies that aren’t candy but fun Halloween rings or vampire teeth or accessories. And 1 mystery box which will remain a mystery.

I would ask each kid if they would like which one and they would pick, and they would probably ask for more, but be denied unless they are absolutely adorable or have an amazing costume.

I will also feel pretty fat at the end of the night, since I would probably conduct challenges for the kids and they’d have to beat me. It is just so I could eat candy.

One response to “Holiday, Prompt #3”

  1. Looking forward to getting sweeted out and fatter as no kids ever come this way for Halloween lol 😃

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