Holiday, Prompt #2

You have a 16-year-old daughter who wants to go to a Halloween party with all of her peers. You take her to the Halloween store to find an “appropriate” costume. She is resistant to most “conservative” choices. Describe the encounter, your feelings, and what you end up deciding on.

Well, if I had a daughter and she was already 16 years old, I know she would be sassy like me. She’d be a smart mouth but an intelligent and sneaky one. She’d probably like the clothing I pick out for her, but she would want to be more revealing to challenge her friends and get people to like her more, because that is what most 16-year-old children want, attention. Since she would be sarcastic with me most of the time, I would obviously get irritated and probably use the ‘mother’ card and try to guilt her to be quiet or something of the sort. Hopefully, though, I would think back to my time as a 16-year-old and let her get something that accents her beauty but is still conservative. I would try to relate to her since it is a ‘been there, done that’ situation. When I was around 15 or 16 I went Halloween shopping with my boyfriend at the time and I tried on a roman outfit that had slits down the side and it showed off my belly button, some hip, and some leg. It was  appealing yet conservative. I’d let her get that. It accented my curves and it was white and gold. It’s some what of a timeless classic. Or I would make her dress up as Marilyn Monroe. Sexy yet conservative. I would want my daughter to feel confident, sexy, and yet still be a lady. she doesn’t need to dress as a skimpy nurse (yes it is fun sometimes but that is for when she is older).

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