Craving Cola

Here I am again, craving some coca-cola and wishing the headache away. Also listening to my relatives bicker. I am not calling them parents because they don’t act like parents when they fight or argue. Oh well. I want to help fix it but they probably wouldn’t even take in anything that I say.

Today I was on register at work, for the first time. All day. It was actually fun, I was intimidated by it at first since I would have to be even more responsible and I don’t like fucking up or feeling like one, or even disappointing others because of a mistake I’ve made, but I have come to realize that the place I work at, isn’t like that. It’s nice. It actually feels like we are all a team and we are all here to help everyone. It makes me really happy, and comfortable. I am like the job more and more. I miss baking at Palmer’s but I am much happier talking with customers and making new friends and learning new things, I couldn’t necessarily do that at Palmer’s since I was in the back, sort of behind the scenes, baking all the time. I am glad that I am working at Stuff etc. I think it is kinda cool that I keep sticking to Iowa based stores. It’s ironic that I want to move out, yet here I am finding jobs only in Iowa.  I got my keyboard from my moms today, I am going to use some time to myself and relearn some things. I want someone to teach me how to read music properly, or else I will keep cheating and using the internet for video tutorials. It’s not a bad thing, but I want to teach myself somethings, and I think it’d be amazing. I want to succeed!

This is a short update, since I did post something already, but I am going to update everything. I am an open book, as me anything! Absolutely anything! I will give an answer if it is appropriate.

One response to “Craving Cola”

  1. I admire you so much, your spirit never quits Paige! I know it is hard when parents are bickering, I lived with that all my life. So happy the job is going great for you too. You never give up! 😊

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