Memorial Day to an End

I’ve been pretty caught up with moving and lazing around the apartment, with my roommate Sam. It is a one bedroom apartment and I am probably going to invest in a better sofa or a futon of some sort so it can turn into a bed for me. It would be cool if this was a two bedroom, but that isn’t happening any time soon. I don’t know how long I am planning on staying here either, but I really want to get a place of my own, and still hang out with all the people I have been hanging out with.

Today was a busy day for me, it was my day off and my only one until the weekends. I went swimming today with my friend Alex. We got to Big Creek, it was cloudy, but humid and pretty warm. We set up our area and went straight for the water and I dove in first. It was cold but, you get used to it after a while. We swam around and chatted, and just had fun. When we got out of the water, we laid out and got our mild tanning on. A really cool thing that I saw there was the sand turtle and sand squid that was missing two arms. These few guys made it before we got there, and we checked it out when they left. Then later on some little kids messed it up, stupid. I saw a few people that I went to school with but they didn’t recognize my short hair, since I was growing it out in high-school. I thought it was amusing. 

I got home from the beach, changed and ate some late lunch/dinner. After a while, I sat on my make-shift bed/couch and watched more anime and then decided to head out to get a drink or something, I ended up going for a 30 minute bike ride all the way up first street and I even debated heading down by the lake since I was about a mile away from it. I chose not to since I was getting tired and didn’t want to get hit by a car. I headed home on the opposite side of the street and worked more on my tan lines, which happened effectively and you can clearly see a difference on where my shorts end and where my tank top starts! Perfect for the bikini weather, just kidding.

I ended up going back inside and laze around on the couch until now, where I am writing this before I head to bed since I need to do quite a few things tomorrow. I need to work my butt off since I’ve slacked, sadly. I’m to blame, so I just need to rebuild my structure there.

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