Summer That’s Rolling In

It’s already may, and I’ve done nothing outside. I am sitting in the library, typing this. I’ve been without internet at my new house since I moved in, and I will be getting some internet next month from my phone. I boosted up my plan so I can have high speed internet and mobile hot-spot.

Do you know what a fan-fic is? It is where a person takes a couple or a few of her favorite characters from a book, tv show, movie, etc and writes about them in any type of relationship with either another character or themselves. I write fan-fic’s about this boy I like and myself, I know it is creepy, but I also write stories that myself and another version of myself are chatting. It’s how I am planning on dealing with things from now on. 

This is a small update until I get full internet back, I can’t stay at the library forever. I’ll be writing down my thoughts in Word and continue my B.O.Y. story as well. Look forward to a bunch of stuff!

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