I always feel motivated to be creative and inspirational at the public library. I don’t know why, it has something to do with the atmosphere and the people that look focused on what they are doing that makes me feel like that. Right at the moment for example, I just spent 10 minutes calculating how much money I spend in a month on bills, some of them that I don’t need but have because it is important to me. I know I can budget on spending if I don’t buy items that I don’t really need. I moved out of my house, I am very happy about that, not only because I am closer to work but because I am living with my friend Sam, and we are helping each other out. I feel very relieved living with her and I feel motivated to deepen friendships or rekindle the fire with some burnt out ones due to school. I am also motivated to do more things that I can, like going to Sub Sonic every month, I feel like I have stated this before, but to me Sub Sonic Social is a place when my dreams are a reality, and that means a lot to me.

I am trying to change things, and that is working slowly. I am boosting up my phone bill so I can get unlimited, high speed internet, since the place I am living at doesn’t have any, Sam and I talked about getting a bundle on internet and cable, but I feel like using my phone for internet is better, I would even leave it at home so Sam could use the internet while I am at work, my phone is a distraction anyway. I’m sure I can find an app that will let me get my texts to my tablet via work Wi-Fi.

I need to sell some things that I am not using anymore, like my old crappy 300 dollar laptop, I need to get everything off of it though, I just don’t know if I can factory reset it anymore since I’ve used it a bit, plus the tablet part of it is broken like always, it is a Gateway Tablet PC and it sucks. I wonder if I can take it to a pawn shop and sell it for 60 to 100. 

I have a feeling the library will be my solace. I enjoy it here. 

3 responses to “Library”

  1. You might do okay at a pawn shop. You can also try eBay but I am always wary of problems selling there and all the fees, and possible problematic buyers. What about craigslist? I too love the peacefulness of the library. It also lets me focus.
    Good Luck.

    • Yeah, selling online is iffy, and I got the thing off of craigslist, so I could possibly sell it off there again, but then I’d have to list off all the problems and and have pictures too, I think I will try a pawn shop soon.

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