Sub Sonic #2

Today is Saturday, at 2 AM this morning, I arrived at my friend’s home and we talked about our night. I was so tired, though. I shut my eyes while she was talking and I spaced out and went into dream world. She realized this and told me to go to bed, so I did.

The Friday before was my long-awaited second S.S.S. (Sub Sonic Social) and all of my friends that I went with last time, bailed. The friend that said she was going to go, bailed, and then Sam, my friend whom I asked about a week beforehand, went with me. She got off work at 10 and I got to her house at 10. I got ready previously at someone else’s house since she was hanging out and going to the same place.

Sam and I hung out, changed, and got ready a little bit more than we headed towards SSS. On our way, however, the police  pulled us over because our passenger brake light was not working, we got a warning and thanks to the police we arrived at 11:30 to midnight. SSS runs till 2 AM so I was sort of disappointed, but the feeling was crushed when I walked in. I made Sam dance and 30 to 40 minutes in she was having just as fun as I was. I met some people who I’ve seen at the last one and it was exciting!

I feel like it is a different world when I enter SSS. My mind is blank and all I think about is dancing my reality away. I even caught a t-shirt and a SSS bracelet. I enjoyed it! It was something free and I won it, I never have that happen to me.

I can see this weekend being really relaxed and lazy. I do have a few things I want to do, but I don’t know if I will be motivated enough, I mean I started writing this around 3 PM and it is already 12:30 in the morning.

Happy mothers day by the way.

I got caught up in Grey’s Anatomy on Hulu and I am going to finish is off today, after I sleep. I don’t know what I will do the rest of the day though.

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