Rainy Days

There is a severe thunderstorm coming at the moment. I was sitting outside in the 77 degree air and watching the oncoming lightning and listening to the distanced thunder. I was thinking of life, of people that I care about and people that I like. I was thinking about what I am going to do with my life, and then I started thinking about moving to Washington, because I heard it rains a lot there and lately I really savor the rainy days. 

I don’t know where my mind wanders to anymore.

I want to go somewhere in the middle of nowhere, or even in a park… I want a tent that has a clear cover on it so I could see the sky. I would bring a few plastic mood candles and a music system that would play my sad/rainy day music. I would lie in a puke of blankets and pillows and watch the rain fall on the tent and image that it would wah away everything. Even though it won’t.

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