Hard at work

I had a very good weekend. I danced the night away and my troubles seemed to melt away. I hung out with my friend Alex and it was a blast, ya know, knowing somebody that is strange like yourself. I exercised and I felt strong. Emotionally, not physically. My legs are sore still and I love it, it makes me want to work out even more.
I ride my bike to work every day, it’s about 8 miles total, and sometimes it is super windy and it’s hard, I get tired but… somewhere during the time I’m at work, I become better. I tell myself that this isn’t the best I can be. I need to get the most out of this situation. This strong sense of motivation comes rarely and when I have it im too lazy to do it. Today I fixed myself to think positively and attempted to hum all day, or feel light on my feet.
I get to that feeling sometimes, today was like that. I felt a little sad in the morning because I keep hearing things from a second source within my friend group and it makes me feel unimportant but I stopped thinking that asap! I was a little stressed since I was almost out of a few things, I didn’t get all that I wanted done, but I got the majority.
I really enjoy coming in at 630 in the morning. I get more time to do things, and I am less distracted. I am going to try very hard at work this month because I need to for myself.

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