Because Of You: Chapter Three

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School couldn’t go by any slower, the classes ticked by and I made the mistake of putting a little mascara on this morning, for tonight. All the guys in class are looking at me like I am a stranger and the girls seem to be approaching a little bit more. I was walking through the halls, heading toward the last class of the day, when a girl I vaguely recognized comes up to me.

“Nerine! You look really pretty today, are you wearing… mascara!?” She giggled excessively. I blushed a little bit and felt awkward since she was a whole foot shorter than me.

“Yes, I am..” I mumbled.

“Did you get a boyfriend or something? I always thought of you as pretty manly but seeing this side of you… well you are very cute!” She offered her hand to me. “I”m Irisa, Irisa White.” I grabbed her hand and shook it lightly.

“Nerine Andersson. Hi..” I blushed. My first female friend. “I-I have to get to class, I will see you on Monday?”

“Sure! We can eat lunch together!” She waved and ran off. I am starting to feel like my situation is turning around.

My last class finished and I rush to the station and change into my outfit for tonight. I brought my long coat so I can wear it over the outfit since the club doesn’t happen till later. I walk around the area and visited some cute cafes and shops and before I knew it the time happened to be 7 PM. I head towards the club and bouncers stops me. I introduce myself and used the look of ‘I am older than I look’ He eyed me for a second and I released my coat from around my shoulders a bit so my cleavage shows. We were around the same height and he looked down and let me in. I mumbled a thank you and pranced in.

The music was loud and the place was crowded. I wandered around most of the time and I felt nervous. I didn’t see her anywhere and I felt like I was in the wrong place when a couple of guys walked up to me.

“Hey, you’re pretty cute.” One walked up next to me and another put their arm around my waist. They were quite taller than me and I felt intimidated and awkward.

Before I could speak another one showed up, “You haven’t been here before have you? Let me take that coat for you.” He grabs it before I can protest and hands it to the bartender. I hope it was safe but I had nothing in the pockets.

“What’s your name? I’m Adrik, nice to meet you.” He kissed my cheek and smiled.

“Um, I am sorry… I have to go.” I murmur and try to walk away. My heart pounded and I felt sort of sick. The hand around my waist held me in place and I felt a hand grasp my wrist.

“No no no. We haven’t had some fun yet.” The two other guys laughed.

“Introduce yourselves.” Adrik told them.

“I’m Oleksander.” The one who had my waist whispered next to my ear. His breath smelled like alcohol and I coughed. It was strong and disgusting.

“Hello, I am Drew.” He took my wrist he held and used his free hand to shake it.

“I’m sorry. I really have to go…” I jerk my hand away from Drew and twist out of Oleks half-embrace. I was almost out of the small group of men when Adrik wrapped his arms around the front of my shoulders and I fell into his chest. I looked up with a frightened look plastered on my face.

“Don’t look so scared. I won’t hurt you… much.” He mumbled and leaned down to kiss me. I tried to get away but I was held down tight when I heard Adrik grunt and release me.  I was pulled into another mans chest. He held my head against his chest so I couldn’t see the pain he was inflicting on the others.

I began to cry and I couldn’t see very well so he pulled me along with him.

“Where is her coat?” His voice was deep and smoldering as he spoke to the bartender. He grabbed the coat and walked me to the back room and sat me down on the couch.

“Are you okay?” He asked quietly. His voice was softer now, it sounded sweet as I cried. He got up and grabbed a glass of water and set it down in front of me. I wiped my eyes and avoided looking at him as I grabbed the glass.

“You are hurt.”

“I’m fine.”

“Look at your wrist.” It was bruised and the sore feeling began to nag at my skin. The fear wore off and it began to really hurt. The man could tell I was in pain and he handed me an ice pack.

“Thank you.” I wiped my face and looked up. The ice pack dropped from my hand. “It’s you!!!” I yelled and slammed my hands on the table, instantly regretting it due to my wrist. I cringed and sat back down.

“Are you okay!? What are you doing!?” He stands up and comes over to me.

“You are a man!?” I gasp. “But, your hair, and… it looks like a woman’s. It’s so clean and fluffy looking!?” I trail off in astonishment and he begins to laugh.

“I’m sorry, this is the first time I’ve ever saw you. Who are you?” He chuckles.

“Uh… My name is Nerine and I admired you when I thought you were a woman,” I clear my throat. “I saw you a couple of days ago walking and I thought you looked gorgeous.”

“Well, Nerine,” My name sounded so sweet almost taboo. “If you saw me close up, you would be able to tell that I am a man. Why are you so interested in me that you would follow me here?”

Oh crap, I was caught in a story that I had not planned out yet. I ran my fingers through my hair and decided to tell him the truth. I discussed my height complex and my story of when I was younger. He listened to it all surprisingly.

“I can see why you have a fascination with the idea that I was a woman then.” He laughed even more and became insanely handsome. I feel infatuated even more that he is a man. I don’t remember what I felt before I knew him.

I swallowed and stood up abruptly. “I have to leave now.” I take my coat and rush out the door, flustered. I hear foot steps chase after me but I race through the club too fast to hear his words he may have said.

“Nerine!” I stopped. I could clearly hear him in the night wind outside of the club. “My name is Gavin, you can come again to see me. I can help you fix your problem.” His smile was gallant and I felt my face heat up.

“I would never!” I yelled, embarrassed. I didn’t feel the need to say ‘just kidding’ due to his insane amount of laughter and his words ‘until next time’ which provoked the butterflies in my stomach to be set free.

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