Sub Sonic Social

Yesterday I went to Sub Sonic Social, a dance club near my location. It happens once a month and it is 18 to party, 21 to drink. It was my first time going and I went with my friends. Not all of them went sadly, and I do believe I would’ve had so much more fun with all of them there. I got depressed and jealous and angry in the middle, but I did the right thing and got my mood up by distancing myself from the source and finding other people to dance with. I ended up getting on stage to get a bigger look of the place and I danced up there too. The loud music was exhilarating and I lost myself to the music.

I don’t drink but when I am part of a group that does drink, I feel pretty left out and my mood drops. I wish I got myself happier earlier in the night, but my mood went up and that is all that matters. I used to stay in my cranky mood, so this is a good improvement.

I also met someone in an interesting way. I actually asked this guy to dance, and I’ve only done that once before with this German transfer student at prom.

Sub Sonic was almost like a reunion. I saw quite a few people who I knew and I recognized some people. It was interesting. I am definitely doing it next month. (I don’t know if I mentioned it, but it is once a month.) I got home around 2:40 and we got there at 10 at least.

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