Because Of You: Chapter Two

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As I finished school, I walked away from my ‘Bros’ and headed toward the train station. I remembered the exact time I saw her, it was a little after 5, the train I took was at 4:15 and I followed the girls from my school down town. I retraced my steps and my hopes were answered. It was just as crowded as it was yesterday and I could still clearly spot her. I made sure to keep my eye on her and I pulled out my phone awkwardly. Pressing speed dial 1, it rang and my mother picked up after a few.


“Mother, I am going to a study group after class today, I just got out of school and my friend wants to go to her house since it is big. Its downtown though, is it alright?” I begged and kept my eyes on my target.

“Yeah, honey, that’s fine. What time will you be home?”

“A little after 6. Don’t worry about dinner, her parents are serving us.”

“Okay! Be safe then, I will see you at home.” The phone clicked and I shoved it in my purse and squeezed through the group. The woman went to a gas station and bought something unknown, but it seemed that everyone’s eyes were on her.

“I know I am being a stalker right now, I just have to wait for the right time to strike up a conversation.” I mumble under my breath. I ran my fingers through my hair and my heart stuttered when I remember it was long, I became used to having a wig on due to my act in school. I shook my shoulder and relaxed a bit when I noticed that she was farther up ahead now. I hurry to trail behind her.

I followed her around downtown and the evening ended with her heading into a club like yesterdays. I didn’t feel comfortable to head in there, since I felt out-of-place big time. It wouldn’t have been appropriate to enter a night club in a school uniform either! I check my phones clock and its about time I head to the station.

At home my parents are watching TV, they hear my rummaging at the entrance and call for me.

“Nerine? Is that you?” My fathers announces.

“Yes, I’m home!”

The provoked the normal after school conversation, but added questions regarding my friend’s home. I answered them as I planned out. They looked satisfied with my lies and excused me to head to my bedroom. I ran up the stairs, threw my bag on the bed and began to sift through my weekend clothes. I had nothing that looked suitable for that club, so I jumped into my computer chair and checked my bank account my parents set up for me. I had some extra allowance money to spend for this week so I planned another lie to go shopping tomorrow for cute clothes.

I swivel over to the bed and grab my calendar and mark down some notes about the stores she went to today. “I have a very strong urge to meet her and talk to her. She stands tall and proud over her height and I wish to be that way too.” I whisper as I write it down next to the ‘reasons to meet her’ I jotted down yesterday.

The next day whirls around and I am distant from everyone, more than normal. I am planning to change into a weekend outfit after school and head to the stores near the club. I need to find a sexy yet conservative outfit for the occasion. I plan on entering the club on Friday, telling my parents I want to sleep at a friend’s house. They don’t pry into the other persons business, they just ask a ton of questions about your plan, which is what parents are. I stare at my calendar as the clock ticks by. As the bell rings, I am the first one out of the door and I use the advantage of my height and long legs to sprint to the station. I can feel my face wide with a smile and my cheeks start to hurt at the excitement that builds up. I told my mother similar ‘study group’ plans as yesterdays, but I am staying out longer. I race to the shops that I thought are suitable and ask the clerks to help me pick out a possible outfit.

“It’s my first time to a club, and I just turned of age, I need a good outfit.” I lie with a small foreign accent attached. I used to watch non-stop British and Aussie television, so I learned a few versions of their accents. My mother praised me for it because it could possibly land me amazing modeling deals.

The clerk seemed intimidated and impressed. She led me to a section of sophistication and appealing yet revealing clothing. She gave me many options but I chose one that was sleek, slimming, and sexy. To me, it made me feel more like an adult and it made my long hair actually look amazing. My mother would tell me that I look like a model, so I decided to take a picture of myself in the dressing room, for my records only. I buy the outfit and head to the next store to get some cute shoes and accessories.

I rush home at the proper time and attempt to avoid conversation with my parents, and I succeed. In my room, I throw my clothes in the corner of the closet and I head to bed for the big day tomorrow (Friday).

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