Citrus kiss

I can feel myself getting sick, my brother, step-sister, and roommate were all sick and now I feel like I am getting something, I took yesterday iff from work to sleep and relax and today I am back, not feeling better but I have tea for that. I bought this citrus kiss tea from goodearth and the flavor is completely opposite of what I thought it was going to brr. Its sweet and tangy, and delicious. It is soothing to my swollen lymph nodes and I feel awake which battles my drowsiness from my medicine. It works well. Im glad I bought it. The taste and smell were so surprising, I had the majority of my coworkers try it and the majority liked it. Im glad. Im becoming content today, and its better than my bitter feelings from this morning.

What was also pretty great is getting a free meal from McDonald’s because I didn’t have cash on me and their credit card machines weren’t working correctly. That made my morning a good one, but it did get disrupted when I got in this morning. I need the mornings to myself and not to talk to anyone because lately I am getting annoyed with some people with stupid decision making. I can’t really change that though.

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