Pain No More

I’ve had a severe tooth ache for the last few days, it was dreadful and I could no longer afford to keep up the “I’m fine” act. Friday and Saturday were the worst tooth aches I’ve had. I was unable to finish work on Saturday and so I will be behind on Monday, by a bit. Later Saturday night, I got my tooth removed and I am pain-free.  I have to pick up my antibiotics and pain medication today before six, and thankfully I will be pain-free for a long time.

I have no insurance apparently, so I have to sign up for my own (Hooray adulthood!). I wish I didn’t have to, but I do. I guess I can get insurance through my workplace, but that will have to wait until Monday. I will figure that stuff out then, sign up for what I need and be on my way.

My tooth got extracted at the Emergency Dental in the city and it took the rest of my money because I have no insurance. I have about 5 dollars left to spend and I have what is on my credit card, and my next payment for that is do on pay-day – April fourth. I will be broke again to pay off that bill but I needed to get my tooth pulled and I can afford to pay the credit card bill. I don’t mind being broke, I’m used to it, and right now I need to stop buying unnecessary things. I don’t think that this makes sense at the moment, but it is okay.

I’m glad that I got rid of that tooth pain, now I have to take care of other things.

One day while I was working, I was eavesdropping on everyone talking up front. When Jim, my boss, walked in the back to get something I asked him a question regarding the conversation I was not included in.

He told me straight to my face, “Jeez! You just hear everything don’t ya?” With a hint of guilt, I laughed and agreed with him.

“Well, I have no one to talk to back here.” I shrugged as I scooped out the vegetable shortening with my hands and flung it in the industrial mixer.

“Talk to the… shortening.” He nodded towards the half empty container as he walked out of earshot.

Unintentionally, I looked to the shortening and murmured my greetings to it. “Wait… What am I doing?” I thought. A moment later, Jim reappeared and I told him that it didn’t talk back. I don’t recall what he said about it so I continued with my nonsense conversation. No one was around so I talked to this item that I was using. I discovered a story behind it.

I used four other shortening containers for cookie dough’s and here I am almost using the fifth one. I told the container, “I killed four other people like you. You, though, will be kept alive.” I had an idea for a murder story, and now I am writing it on an off at work – when I am on break and when I have ideas. I write on my phone, or on slips of paper when I have a good quote, or saying, or description. It’s intense. I even wrote more of it yesterday after I got my tooth pulled.

I am going to post some descriptions up on here later today. That is what my weekend consisted of though: pain, tooth extractions, story ideas, writing, and sleeping.

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