The Lines

there is life outside the lines.

spread color in the ‘no go’ areas
of the coloring book.
hop in between the lines
at the crosswalk.

it is like thinking outside of the box,
it isn’t the same and
you may feel differently
and you may think differently
and it is possible that you will 
act differently.
you will see the world in a different color.

the lines are my comfort zones.
the box is my reality.

i’m walking along the edge,
i’m dreaming up something new.


At work, I Iearned a bit of register. I’ve been there for two years and a few months. I’ve been full time for almost a year. I know bakery, salads, dish work, lobby, and barely board. I am not confident in my skills there. I need to practice when I make my sandwiches-well I need to start making my sandwiches. After work, I got home and walked up my steps. I decided right then and there to go running. I got inside and felt a little lazy, then I noticed the rustling sound of our dog Sadie, so I asked my brother to take her for a run, it was well worth it. I am still out of breath and I feel great. I am in a positive mood and everything. I can’t wait for summer! Sadie was running most of the time, whereas I walked/jogged/ran bits and pieces. On the long stretch home I ran because Sadie was so excited to get home.

It was a good afternoon. I am of course sitting on the computer, when I could do other things, but I want my brain to learn now. Time to start my journey on being healthier, why not start before I turn 19? I get severe motivation when I just up and run. 

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