These days are passing by too fast. I have stipped my goals for 2014 and each day I tell myself that I will do something today to change it. I dont do it, but I have been drawing and writing more for the most part.
Life hasn’t been in my favor recently and I seem to have given up on trying to change that. Here’s a good excuse: I’m too exhausted after work to actually work out our read or anything. That’s my “no motivation” voice that talks to me lately; however, I have recently been wanting to go outside to run because the weather is getting nice. Spring is right around the corner and I don’t want to waste the beautiful, warmer weather that’s coming by sitting on my computer and looking for something productive to do.
Winter is that time of year where the majority of people want to cuddle up in a blanket and stay inside all day, while eating deserts and drinking hot cocoa. I somewhat did that, no lie. So today, I think I am going to make an effort to force myself to get if of my lazy bum and head outside got a run or something. If need be, I will take the pup out too. That’s some motivation, right?
As the majority of people know, I’ve been sleeping on the couch and my room had been vacated for the tone being due to no power. I need to buy a heavy duty extension cord and get something back in there so I can actually sleep on a bed, I’d probably feel more motivated after that happens.

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