I am not into watching the Oscars, or following any updates. I’ve never watched them before and I’ve never really cared about them, but since I have been sleeping in the living room for the past couple weeks, I’ve been watching things I normally don’t. Since my mother doesn’t watch them live, she sees them recorded, I am following the Oscars on Facebook. Ellen is hosting it, and it is pretty interesting, I think I will go back later and watch it all somewhere. 

At some point, I want to watch all the movies that won an Oscar. Another point over Oscars, I’m hoping for Leo to win one, I’ve always been a fan of him, but it is also due to all the humiliating memes on the internet about him not getting one. It is entertaining, but I think he should get one. I am also pretty happy with Lupita winning one. She deserves it.

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