What if?

I was at work yesterday, like every normal weekday, and I started thinking about random things. The first remembered topic that came to mind was birth. I talked with my inner self about birth and the processes that happen at a doctors office, and not the the whole pre-birth and during birth situation. I focused on after the birth of the baby: like the social security number, the name, information on the baby, all that important stuff.

I asked myself: What if a child was born under the radar? No SSN, information in the hospitals system that feeds information to the city, state, or even country. I started thinking even more and came up with an idea. It starts like this…

There is a country or state or a large area that is occupied, obviously. There is a giant military base and the only military like thing about it, is the enormous walls that surround the living area as protection. Near the North, South, East and West gates of the military fence are military hospitals. The majority of the population are men, which work in the military, or the occasional major surgeon, from age 12 to 35. When they are no longer useful to the ‘government’ they are set off to live in the living area, in the center of the base, where they become employees for the workforce that requires brute strength, which are most of the dangerous jobs. The minority are women who work for the hospital as nurses or doctors; however, they do not preform major surgeries. They work and learn from ages 12- 30. After their time in the hospital is complete, they work as maids, housewives, chefs, mostly easy and not so tiring jobs. All people go through school from the time they are able to comprehend to the age they are sent out into the working world. There are classes throughout their life, even after they are unable to continue working for the government. If over-population occurs, the government will go through all the entry data in the schools and terminate the weakest links that will not benefit the base in any way.

The children are born in one of the hospitals and taken away to be raised by the government officials. This story idea set in the living area where and ex doctor and nurse have decided to secretly give birth and raise a child who technically doesn’t exist. I feel like it will eventually  lead up to the young female to go against the government or something, maybe sneak out of the area and discover something amazing. I’m still thinking it up.

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