Remember It

The world was a pastel color. The brightness and happiness all dulled out by the alien apocalypse, and very few humans exist anymore. I am standing in the broken street, staring at the run down buildings and the dying trees. I am with my friend, and I can’t remember her face. My dog is by my side, a German Shepard, she seems sad and lonely. I realize there is another dog missing, her other half. I speak with my friend, but no words were spoken, it was all muted. Our mouths were moving and we understood each other but the silence of the world was keeping the sound between us unspeakable. We rush over to a pastel red car, the passenger door was torn off and the trunk cover was half torn off. It was the only working car for miles, and I felt some instinct to look under the car. There he was, my dogs other half, the black German Shepard. Somehow, I communicate with my friend to get in the car and drive it away as I get under the car and protect my dog. We figure out that situation and I am able to successfully take care of my pup. We hop in the car, my friend gets in the driver’s seat and my other pup gets in the passenger side as I pick up my black Shepard and hop in the trunk until a man drags his feet along the cement. His eyes are bloodshot and his iris’ are ice blue. He tries to attack me, but I dodge. However, he grabs hold of my arm and tries to latch on, I take my fingers and push them in his eye sockets and he screams out loud, audibly. I hop back in the car and we head out of the main city.

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