If anyone reads manga, do you ever get the feeling of wanting to write everything in a story, like a novel. I eventually want to do that with a lot of manga’s that I have read and maybe people will actually read them. If I could do that and sell them, I would totally give either half or 75 percent of earnings to the original author of the manga. I can see it now…

That was a small update because I don’t have much time. I just watched Gravity, and I feel like it was a pretty amazing movie. I liked it a lot. I have been stressing lately due to no phone access, no power to my room, the weather, and relationship problems. I’ve been in my dark hole this month.

I made the best analogy. For me, my depression is like wearing your brand new, white shoes when you step into a really muddy puddle that stretches for miles. That’s the first phase, and after your step onto dry land, you attempt to clean your shoes, but no matter how much you scrub them with bleach, the residue of the mud will never leave and it will always be a dirty shoe. My depression sticks with me like mud on white shoes.

We just had a blizzard here in my city, and I gladly shoveled three driveways, but it all failed since it kept snowing, and now. I have to go to sleep on the couch. Goodnight, and I will update again soon.

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