Recaps and Characters

Recaps and Characters

Rewinding back to my trip to Mall of America, everyone knows it was a bumpy yet thrilling time for me, and I am surprised I didn’t take so many dang pictures of myself like I normally do. The Monday when everyone got back, I confessed to a guy that I like and got rejected on Wednesday. From Monday to Friday, my mood declined each day. I didn’t really show it, but to me it seemed obvious, but it was also because of me just being super exhausted from everything that is normal. I was down all the time and everyone irritated me, though I tried to not let it happen. The usual people who vaguely get on my nerves, bothered me more and the people who never do, well they still didn’t. I felt guilty for speaking my mind, and after I felt guilty, I kind of said that I felt guilty and wanted to hide in a hole for the rest of eternity.

Friday night came around and I lazed around the house until late at night where I had a Skype ‘date’. He pretty much said I could call it whatever. My mood lifted completely when I talked to him, I was no longer sad, angry, tired, or frustrated with anything. I felt normal again. After that ended around 3 to 4 AM, I went to bed and slept in until 11 the next day. I did nothing after that and I hung out on the internet. Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, reading Manga and doing nothing productive.

Right at the moment though, I have strong urges to re-write Free Falling, or at least do over the characters. I am still taking a break from December Never Ends, I need to re-read it, but I don’t want to at the moment. I will soon though.

I am using the new notebook I got at MOA and its pretty cool, I love B&N.
(Barnes and Nobles)

I spent all of my money on that trip and I know that this pay check, I will be nearly broke too, especially if I save money for my future trip later this year to another country. Which is now my newest goal this year.

1.Get my license by the end of Feb.
2. Get my passport by 19 (Apr. 21)
3. Save money every month
4. Travel to a different country or state (Hawaii, Idaho, Alaska, Washington, or somewhere else) if possible before December. I want to go before the snow, so around Late August-mid November.

Okay, after that blabber, I am reading stuff over characters, and I am going to write stuff, I wanted to write an update of the reason why I wasn’t quite as active lately (Depression and exhaustion.) I’ll be back in no time! I just need to get it together.

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