Before Work

My weekend at the Mall of America was a roller coaster of emotions, but overall, I had a blast. Right at the moment, my cell phone is not working to my advantage. I hope it starts working on Wednesday because I just confessed to this guy yesterday afternoon and I didn’t give him my number because I am stupid.

I cleaned my room up and did my laundry, today I need to finish some cleaning and fold my clothes because I passed out last night while the dryer was going, I didn’t want to get up and bring my clothes back to fall asleep on them.

While I was at the mall with friends, I realized that I never did anything alone at malls, I was always with friends, but it just so happens that we all split up every now and then. When I was wandering the gigantic mall alone a strong sense of freedom overwhelmed me and I became aware of everything around me. I wasn’t drowning in a conversation that was happening right beside my ear, and sometimes that isn’t a bad thing. When I was alone, a strong urge and feeling bubbled up and I realized that I want to solo travel. I’ve already said that I wanted to travel the world and all, but I didn’t know if I would bring someone or try to get a group going. Now I know that I want to travel alone and get the full-fledged experience by myself, so then I won’t be drowned in the conversation that is in my language. I will be lost in the foreign world and beauty of a place I have never even thought of, or dreamed of.

The Mall of America experience made me want to travel the world solo. It’ll be me against the world.

Oh and literally as I posted this, my phone started working, am I a genius or what?

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