I am on an adventure this weekend. The great mall of America with friends. So far it is super fun, but for some reason I am having up and down feelings. Yesterday, all my friends wanted to go out and have fun at a bar or dance club that is located downtown. My feelings on it were “yes! go have fun you guys, I want to stay here and explore the mall,” and so they went and I stayed. I was okay with that too. I actually went shopping because I was by myself. I spent all of my money, but I have to return an item because it is for a Nikon camera and I have a Canon, so I get 62 dollars back.

I met a lot of people and people talked to me because of my camera, if I had my ticket to the aquarium, I would go back down there and take a bunch of photos again, because I wouldn’t feel rushed this time. Travelling alone in the Mall of America makes me want to travel the world alone! The mall seemed so much bigger by myself and it was an amazing feeling. I went into the stores I found interesting and I discovered new things by myself too. I have all day today to go and explore and I feel excited yet depressed. I think it is my comfort zone amd my insecurities acting up. 

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