Words and Photographs

I own a vocabulary that is building everyday. I love the thought of exploring the capacity of my mind in order to reach a new height of expressing my thoughts vocally or through the virtual pencil that is known as my fingers. My words are becoming unique and refined, but they are not in the place they should be.

I really enjoy writing, it feels like a part of myself is being recorded and it doesn’t even matter if I write a story about myself or not, something that I experienced or created is being put down in this world and it is making the idea/dream a reality. I speak better in writing, I can imagine up my whole world and how I would prefer it to be, in writing. I draw up the small details, such as the type of mugs I would have in my oak cabinets, that have gold accented handles and have simple designs carved into the wood. The mugs would be above the large, stainless steel kitchen sink… Anyway. I find a colorful enjoyment in bringing to life those small and intricate details of my ideas. Its like taking a photograph of a brown eye, could be very plain and boring, but when you bring it up in Photoshop and zoom in on the details, you can choose to enhance the shades of tan or dull green that is hidden. Writing and photography is like discovering a new part of yourself.

Each time I take a photograph, my eyes through the viewfinder become enhanced and greater than before. I find new angles and photogenic styles, its lovely and amazing. I feel giddy and excited every time I have an opportunity to take a photograph. Just yesterday (Friday) I had a photo-shoot of my friend Larae, and they photos were amazing to me. Of course they could have been so much better from someone else, but I had so much fun doing her makeup and setting up for a specific pose or just winging it.  Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

These photos aren’t exactly how I wanted them to turn out, but they still look awesome, and I am still new and experimenting with Photoshop and Lightroom. I am discovering so many new things. I wanted these to look vintage/retro style. She didn’t know what to do for the shoot, so I had a better understanding of how to get my ideas out in the open, so that is what I did, and she was able to follow correctly. There were times where I had to find a new way to explain it, but it worked out perfectly. This photo shoot helped me with voicing out my visions and also discovering new angles to take photographs at. It was exciting and I felt great.

Image Image Image Image Image

I have only JoAnna, Lindsay, Larae, Holiday, Melissa (Lydia and Alex if they’d like) left for me to take awesome pictures like this with! I like having friends that are willing to let my try new things with make up and photographs. I am slowly helping them become more photogenic. It’s exciting.

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