Inside and Out

Inside and Out

I have been attending Hot yoga class since Sunday, it is very relaxing as I keep mentioning in my posts. Each class is different and I love them all, I was going to go the 5:45 AM class this morning, however, I would have no way to work since none of my friends wanted to join me. The teachers are really amazing, relaxed an beautiful, each of them are different and fun.
I feel like my friends don’t interpret the classes like I do, but then again, no two people really think exactly the same, anyway, It seems like the classes to them are for exercising, though they have told me it is relaxing. To my, the yoga classes help me unwind and relax but also I feel like I am traveling inside myself and learning determination and attempting at building up my goals and dreams. I get so much inspiration and motivation from Yoga class.
I am going to attempt to create a routine, after getting used to hot yoga, I know that I really enjoy it in a hot room because of the heat. It loosens up my muscles in the morning and my room is usually cold, so I don’t get the same effect.
I have noticed some changes in my body, my back looks a bit more toned than before, it could be from anything, but I like to think it is from yoga, and my arms are getting toned as well. I’m pretty pumped up!

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