Music In My Head

Edm Beat Essentials: Back 2 the Beat by PMZ
Emergence by Trifonic
Night Visions by Imagine Dragons
*On Top of The World
I Don’t Want To Love Somebody Else by A Great Big World
One Day I Know by 3D Friends

I am finding a lot of songs that I like due to Spotify Recommendations, they are pretty accurate with what I like, but it all depends on my mood. Since I bought my headphones, I have been using them rather than my speakers. My Crushers make me feel like I am in my own world and everything around me is nothing but a scene and it doesn’t matter. Its really relaxing.

I had my yoga class at 8 AM. I went with my friend Larae, and it was really a new experience. It is much more powerful than home practice and it felt really comfortable, even with the somewhat challenging poses due to my lack of stretching. I felt at home during the practice and I barely noticed everyone around me, I sweat a lot and I loved it, I definitely worked hard, and I have a class tomorrow at 5:45. The classes are an hour long each so I would get done at 6:45 so I would have to leave for work right after that. It’s pretty exciting, I am excited. If only I had a car, I would feel more accomplished with myself, but I also need a license for that to work completely. When it gets to summer, I am planning on walking to work or buying a bike if I don’t have a car by then, so I can get to work, then I would have to take classes in the afternoon, though I would prefer to have my body relaxed and loosened up in the morning, it is okay. 

Anyway, I felt really good after yoga, insanely good, and I feel like I am getting closer to myself even after one class, it may because I had practiced it before, but it was my real first experience with a class and I saw so many different people there. I know some of them may be in to the fitness aspect of it, but it made me feel like I am not the only one on this journey to discover myself and the best of my abilities. It’s different to see others there and it makes me feel like everyone is silently supporting others. It’s relaxing and intense at the same time.

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