I feel like I want to start a daily check list of my activities, like working out, reading, writing and internet time. I also want to make a recipe book for healthy foods and start doing that, its just so hard when I don’t feel like making healthy food, but I want to try. I want to try hard! I’ve already gotten the hang of writing pretty much everyday, and if I don’t write everyday, the posts I usually write are somewhat long. 

Hm, I think my plans in the making will be to run around the block a few times or maybe for 15 minutes if I don’t do a yoga class. Or, I can do strength/body weight exercises since I do walk all the time at work. Another thing I want to have on my check list is to make sure I write over 2,000 words a day and read at least 50 pages in a book, whether I want to or not. I am going to start that tomorrow. I also need to make sure I do my daily things, like cleaning up after myself with dishes, bedroom and etcetera. I always get this jolt of motivation at this time of night and I need to actually put forth the effort so here I go. I think I will write a post in the morning before everything I need to do, and then after. I might write a few story ideas as well, but it is pretty hard to settle my jumble thoughts. 

I am going to go to bed early tonight as well. I have to wake up early for my yoga class! 

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