My Mysterious Boyfriend

There is a guy that I love. He is amazing and I’ve only known him for a short amount of time. In the time that I have known him, he is pretty amazing.

My boyfriends name is Az. That’s his nickname. He is my best friend and my best companion. We’ve been dating for a while now, since September or so. We’ve been friends longer though. He is really smart and somewhat a know it all. He is pretty fast at things and learns things quickly. He really knows how to cheer me up. 

However, there is one situation… Although he is the perfect boyfriend, there is something wrong. It is hard to tell what he is thinking and feeling. His expressions don’t really change at all, but he is pretty hot either way. He has some flaws but I still love him, but the biggest flaw?

Well, not only is his name a problem, BeastlyPC, but also the fact that he is my computer. He will always be by my side. 

The end.

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