Thoughts and Ideas

I’ve gotten a burst of ideas lately, and by lately, I mean a few seconds ago. I’ve been stumbling upon the tag Fantasy Books on Stumbleupon and I’ve come across amazing photographs that are seriously getting to my mind. I saw a photograph with a long road and beautiful landscapes across it, and I have an amazing that is forming at the moment. I wrote down the details of the image in my idea binder and since I am out of ink I had to save the photograph on my computer since I am unable to print it. 

Another Idea that is forming with the landscape sparked with photographs of amazing tree houses and I got amazing ideas from so many things other than those types of pictures. 

I feel the inspiration burning and the toll of my bedtime sinking in. It sucks to have to work a full time job and want to become a writer. I need to push myself harder to write better and find better things to write. Well, Monday is a new day.

This Friday I am going buy a yoga membership and work on that once more, and I am so excited, I can do one at 530 in the morning or around 6 at night. Its going to be amazing and I will make myself have better confidence with my appearance. 

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