Love Stories

I’m the biggest fan of love stories, probably not, but I like to think that I am.  However, I love reading horrible stories that are dreadfully sad stories. 

I read this story, this photo story, about two people. They are a couple, and they met when they were 12 and 11. The man was younger and the woman was older and they were seriously awkward. They go through graduating high school, and then college and suffering through loss of jobs and money and then they end up getting married, and it is the most beautiful story ever. It makes me want to write a sappy love story about it, unfortunately though, I would add sad situations that would make it somewhat like Nicolas Sparks. Speaking of Sparks, I need to read his stories. I’ve seen most of the movies but I need to actually read the books. I’ll add them to my list of books. 

I have a list of books I want to buy with my money for the trip to the mall of America. I want to buy mostly books. I am planning on buying a Duffle bag and stuffing it with books, maybe a sweet sword, or some clothing. It would be sport clothes or yoga stuff. I never know what I want to buy until I get to the store. The trip in in February and I can’t wait!

I will need this trip with some of my friends.

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