Hot Yoga Deals

Hot Yoga is a flow sequence in 95-104 degrees Fahrenheit temperature in a studio. Recently, a yoga studio opened up in my city and I happen to live pretty much next door. I went there today, and I was able to get information on classes and deals/prices. Each single class is 15 dollars, so 3 classes for 15 is 45 dollars. The studio has a few deals for new comers; 3 classes for 10 dollars, and a 3 month course of unlimited classes for the price of 45 dollars which is the normal price of 3 classes! Its a really great/amazing deal! I am definitely going to do it. I’ve been slacking on my workouts lately due to stress and I am pretty disappointed in myself, but I think I can get over the hurdle and finish it.


I’ve finished one book out of 50 books, and it was a Debbie downer. Its was the last book of Allegiant and it was a wow kind of books. Things were not supposed to be like that, but you know, it happens and I praise her for being different in changing the way main characters work in the world. 

I feel like I can not start another book for a while now, but I am going to force myself to finish the book called The Fifth Wave, it’s pretty boring right now, but I can get through it if I force myself. I really want to read all the books on my book shelf and right now, that Is around 40 books, and I haven’t read 27 of them. Some of them are learning books, and dictionaries so I can’t really read them. 

Speaking of books,  I recently bought White Oleander, and Paint It Black by Janet Fitch, she is one of my favorite writing styles. I read White Oleander and now I want to read Paint it Black, but I want to finish all the dystopian/post apocalyptic novels I have. I really like the writing style of Memoirs of A Geisha by Arthur Golden. Its one of my favorite books as well, and I would read many many times.


I noticed one time, when I was reading a book with a different reality other than my own, I was transported from the place I was in, into the book. I felt like the world around me was spinning and I was blurring out everything else, and I was in the world of the faction-less in Allegiant. It was amazing, and I love the way novels like that can drag me out of reality into someone else life, and I connect with the characters and we become friends, then they kill the main character and ruin my friendship.  However empty I may feel, it was a great book and I understand why readers on good reads give it a 3 star rating, they didn’t want Tris to die either. Who does? 

It was a sad situation and I was completely shocked and heart broken and it kind of killed me a little bit. It took a piece of my heart out and ripped it to shreds and I’m tempted to read the whole series again to take it step by step. I guess killing the main character is one way to end a great book series, even with Tobias getting out a spit second of his fear for his loved one. It was super sad and amazing, the movies will be like this as well! Oh boy, I can’t wait.


That was my rant that will hopefully make up for the past couple days that had my disappearance. I was reading pretty fast and trying to succeed my goal of finish the book in three day! It worked, and now I have a day or so to force myself to finish another one. Its going to be a challenge.

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