Talk About Excuses

I’ve been having a couple off days, I haven’t been working out or following through with my blog as much as I did. It is one of those weekends.

Recently, I’ve been kind of down and haven’t had the feel for anything of the sort, so today, I am going to make an effort to restart my journey through the couple days I missed with both my workouts and my blog, as well as the messy lifestyle I obtained. 

Step One: Clean my room. I have a bed fort around my kind sized bed, that is really just two twins combined. I have a room divider on the edge of it and sheets pinned to the ceiling and all around making my bed a fort/canopy. I’m tearing it down because it clutters my mind and makes me want to be super lazy. I want to get rid of the bed and get a new one, a smaller one. A queen, perhaps. I will try to do that at the end of Feb/March. I am going to vacuum and get rid of all the dishes that have been collected from my laziness. Its usually hot in my room, so I decided to open the window so I feel something other than the heat that gives me a headache. I’m also going to re-arrange my desk, partially.

Step Two: Wash my sheets. I usually wash all of my clothing/bedding over the weekend, but like I said, it was one of those weekends. I’m going to do it today. I need to. I need to do it twice a week because my cat likes to jump on my bed and leave his left over litter from his paws, and everything gets collected in the crack of my bed sheets-which is my favorite place to sleep.

Step Three: I am going to either read more blog posts/catch up and actually follow the past few assignments that I didn’t really focus on. I only half-assed them because I was lazy, but that isn’t really doing them… I might also read more of my book, Allegiant that I need to finish! I bought two books yesterday, Frozen and The Program. And today, I bought White Oleander because my friend who is no longer my friends has that book and I don’t want it back from her, and the other books were Paint It Black and Mindfulness Yoga. Those three are my Google Play books, but I have realized that if I can get it in soft cover/hard cover, I would prefer it. It feels more authentic than saying I read it off my phone/tablet/computer. Plus I love the smell of books.

Step Four: If I have time I am going to do a small workout, push ups and sit-ups. I might do my daily routine, but it depends on what time it is.

And there it is, my excuse for not being serious and focused. “It was one of those days” We all have them, but I should have still made time and effort for my passions.

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