Zero to Hero in 30 Days: Part Nine & Ten

I’ve begun to research more blogs over topics that I already have, since I can not find any more topics to search for at the moment. I want to hone in on blogs that are on the other topics that I don’t look at so much, so I can discover the many amazing people that I know are out there. I really want to be friends with everyone that I follow and whoever follows me, I want to email back and forth or something, I think that sounds amazing, would anyone else do that? Or at least want to do that? It’s ideal for me, to meet amazing bloggers and chat with them about anything, chat about deep topics over Email because it’s awesome and that is what the internet is for, other than the boredom of millions around the world, its to get to know things, people, and places. Learning information about everything is fun.


For day ten, I have all the widgets that I want, I’ve been deleting and adding every now and then for some, but most of them I am pretty agreeable with. I don’t want to change much, but I still look at them to see if I have decided to give or take again. 

Another thing that deals with the appearance of my blog are the themes, I am really debating on buying a premium theme, or getting the customize option, it sounds super appealing and it will make me want to learn more about CSS and designing things like that. I would need the patience and time for it. I don’t have the time, even though I love staying up through the night.


Speaking of the night, I just bought a mug that says night owl on it, and I just had to get it. It was me. I also bought a doodling how to sort of book, the book called 1,000 Places To See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz. I bought a small mirror, and some needed makeup, like foundation and eye primer. My friend also bought me a cute bowl with cherry blossoms on it, and it was only a dollar. Everything but the makeup was bought at TJ MAX and the makeup was bought at CVS pharmacy, and then I bought a robe at Target, because I can needed one.

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