Zero To Hero in 30 Days: Part Eight

My about me page is now updated! It used to be very strange, and awkward, and I am proud that I deleted it all and rewrote the whole thing. I thought about what would describe me, in a positive, maybe humorous light. Its was difficult and almost took me an hour.


On the other hand of things, I did a challenging series of yoga sequences, and I could feel it deep in my hamstrings, I feel good, and although I got a headache from being upside down, it was worth it! I think I will sleep well tonight. Tomorrow is a Friday, and it is my payday. I’ve been trying to dye my hair a lighter brown and it hasn’t been working for that past two months, so I am going to dye my hair a reddish color again. I do look good with red hair, anyway. Red and green eyes are great together too. Wish me luck!

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